Updates on Summer of Code

Because PyGTK and GTK3 don’t work together very well, I have had to make a minor design change in the Task Editor for Getting Things GNOME. In order to get the Task Editor running with the rest of the program, it needs to run on it’s own process, and so, we now have the Editor running with a Dbus wrapper. For those who don’t know what Dbus does, it allows two programs running on different processes to communicate with each other through a connection.

The nice thing about making the switch over to Dbus was that Getting Things GNOME already has a well done Dbus wrapper for other programs to use, so all I had to do was create the wrapper for the Editor. This meant that I could finally load tasks and make sure that that aspect was working properly. The way that Getting Things GNOME handles Dbus is that to get a task it sends over a dictionary of key-values with items such as the task title, text, tags, subtasks, etc. Because of this, the workflow of the Editor has changed in how it gets things and affected the workflow as well.

With the workflow change came a major code change. But with that code change came a lot of good. We now have tasks loading properly within the editor. It properly applies all the necessary highlighting and rich text to subtasks, tags, and the title.

So now that tasks are loading where to next? Next things to take care of is to deal with working on text input and how to deal with it. We need to manually take care of links, such as changing the mouse cursor when we hover over them, and having clicking them open up a webpage or subtask, etc. By then I should have some pictures worth showing on the blog.

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