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Halfway There!


That’s right folks, we are in the midterm period of Google’s Summer of Code! So what progress has been made on the new Task Editor for Getting Things GNOME? Well, a lot of progress has been made since my last blog post.


As you can see in the picture, we DO have an editor that’s seemingly coming along! You’ll notice lots of buttons in the toolbar (especially ones that were never in the editor in the previous version. Those will be utilized later when rich text editing is added into the editor. Beyond that is the standard insert subtask, insert tag, and mark done buttons, all which work.

In the past two weeks, I’ve rewritten how we find tags and subtasks within our task in order to make it more efficient and I haven’t noticed any lag when testing out the editor. It had it’s ups and downs and certainly some bug hunting was to be had, but they seem to be up and running just great.

There are actually only a couple missing features left to get running before the editor is at the same level of features as the original, and that’s the ability to delete tasks (which is coming very soon) and the ability to set the start date and due date of the task. Once the deletion of a task is done, it will be time to actually add the editor into the program so that we don’t have to manually enter task ids to load a task, which will put us that much closer to having a new and (hopefully) improved task editor at Getting Things GNOME!