The Task Editor is Finally Implemented!

After many weeks of struggling to get the task editor for Getting Things GNOME to do everything its predecessor does, the final product of the internship is slowly starting to take shape. I’ve been spending the past couple months starting the new editor separately from Getting Things GNOME to test both the dbus methods and be able to load real task data into the editor, but I can now say that it is no longer necessary.

This is because the new task editor is now loading through the main Getting Things GNOME application and properly loading tasks! The struggle to get things working with dbus was much more difficult than I could have imagined, mostly due to the fact that there is not much documentation out there for dbus. This meant that instead of being able to find solutions from others who have had similar problems or being able to go into this part of the project understanding how everything works, there was much experimentation to be had within the Dbus API (which, once you have a handle on everything, can be quite robust). 

So what can be expected now that we are into the home stretch of Google’s Summer of Code? Much debugging is needed to be done now that the system is running in its intended environment. There are also a few features that I would like to have added and finished before the end of the internship, namely rich text editing and couple features on the wishlist at Launchpad. 

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